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“Once we have the technical possibilities to move mountains
the faith to move mountains will no longer be needed.”

- Eric Hoffer -

About the event

The SANUSCOIN Event is already the 4th of its kind. And this event will set itself apart again. We won’t be in a hall, but on a screen.
Around the world. For the first time, at least 80,000 registered users and members will get the chance to attend a SANUSCOIN event LIVE & ONLINE.

Look forward to a day full of emotions...

With speakers from France, Indonesia, Ecuador and Colombia, among others, who will present the possibilities we already have today and what opportunities await in the future.

Emotion. Power. Pure.

With successful members who have found their “dream job” and their very personal fulfillment at SANUSLIFE.

With happy SANUS
COIN owners, or those who will soon become such and who will use the voucher to make a positive change in the world.

With very special individuals, whose experiences move to tears, who are thought-provoking and have an unshakeable desire to change our planet permanently.

With people who - just like us - are already massively looking forward to this great event!

Following years of development the time has finally come. Following our motto “WE. ARE. READY.” we will present all the things you can already do now - and in the immediate future - with the revolutionary SANUSCOIN. Discover a new voucher that makes all goods and services exchangeable worldwide.
A revolutionary payment system that is so unique overall that you won’t find anything like it anywhere else in the world.

TOP Speakers









The highlights

A new Utility Token

The SANUSCOIN is a utility token programed on the original Bitcoin Blockchain and is available to the whole world as a “SANUSCOIN over Bitcoin Blockchain’ voucher. So you are looking at the 1st digital voucher that runs on the safest blockchain in the world.

Just like Bitcoin, you can view SANUSCOIN as “digital gold” which can be stored safely on the Bitcoin blockchain for all time. The supply and demand determine the value. The more people use it the more valuable it can become.

A new Payment System

By cooperating with a custodian (crypto depository) and a specialized crypto-exchanger, a completely new way to implement token transactions is realized via an omnibus account concept. The results are lightning-fast and free transactions.

A brand new, digital map app shows places that accept these. The map is, so to speak, a digital marketplace that works everywhere in the world and has many more features and filters.

Entrepreneurs and buyers receive a new payment method, which not only offers many advantages for both sides, but also automatically helps to protect our environment.

A new Revolution

Sets a new trend that is likely to gain international acceptance thanks to its “advantages for everyone”. After all, a digital voucher, with which you make an indirect contribution to environmental protection with every transaction, is a profound change. A transformation that is likely to meet with great approval, especially in times of global warming and “FRIDAYS FOR FUTURE”.

The ideas are simply ingenious, and these just have to be shared with the entire world. And to make sure it is interesting to all, we also share our profits with everyone. 

Top international speakers

Heinz Breuer is a communications trainer, marketing expert and networker. In everything he does, he brings his penchant for “being different” and uses novel ways and solutions to connect with customers, influencers and employees. He also sees paths and solutions for SANUSLIFE and SANUSCOIN which he will explain to us as part of the philosophy at the event

Heinz Breuer

Communications trainer, marketing expert, DIRECTOR Member

Ralph Stetefeldt got to know Ewald Rieder back in 2002. In 2016, he joined SANUSLIFE full time in the distribution sector. He knows SANUSLIFE, its history and its development like no one else. And since his contacts extend far beyond borders, he is virtually predestined to introduce us to SANUSLIFE's 360° ecosystem and the purpose of the new SANUSMAP 2.0. After all, these developments have what it takes to move several billion-dollar markets at once.

Ralph Stetefeldt

Financial expert, nutritionist,

Claudio Gobber is an international key account manager at SANUSLIFE. He has been establishing contacts with reputable crypto exchanges and crypto custodians for more than a year now and constantly communicates with the programmers. At the event, he will provide insights into SAC pay flows for the first time and reveal how SAC transactions can be carried out even faster and more cost-effectively in the future.

Claudio Gobber

Crypto expert.
Key Account Manager

Thomas Uder worked for international investment banks for more than 30 years before starting his own business as a partner of Value Experts Vermögensverwaltungs AG. Today, he advises wealthy private clients and institutions on all aspects of innovative investment.
Michael Binder is a banking economist and worked for 20 years as a securities specialist and advisor to wealthy private clients/commercial customers at the bank. In 2011, he founded his own company CosimaCapital and serves his clients with a focus on investment, capital investment and financing.
At the event, they will both be available for an exclusive interview and will share their assessment of the role SANUSCOIN plays today and the position it could take in the financial world in the future.

Thomas Uder

Asset manager, 

Micheal Binder

Former banker,

Magdalena Gschnitzer, known as Maggy, is a 36-year-old environmentalist from Casateia near Vipiteno (South Tyrol). In the last 5 years she has taken part in 7 campaigns of the marine conservation organization “Sea Shepherd”. She has been in charge of SANUSPLANET projects at SANUSLIFE since 2019. Maggy will tell us what this project’s goal is exactly and why it is so important that everyone joins in around the world.

Maggy Gschnitzer
Environmental activist

Madison Stewart - aka “Shark Girl” - began diving with sharks when she was 12. The underwater world became her school of life. And later her life’s work. In 2008, she launched the HIU project to protect sharks. At the age of 24, she won the Australian Geographic Society Young Conservationist of the Year Award. She will expand on this project and her mission at our event.

Madison Stewart
Environmental activist
Focus on Saving the Sharks

Lamya Essemlali is a French environmental activist. In 2006, she founded Sea Shepherd France. In 2012, she published the book “Interview with a Pirate,” which deals with her conversations with Sea Shepherd’s founder Paul Watson. Lamya has been the director of numerous Sea Shepherd campaigns in the Mediterranean, the Faroe Islands, and the Indian Ocean. We are already highly anticipating her message!

Lamya Essemlali
Environmental activist
Focus on Protecting the Seas

Alois Stotter is a nutrition expert. He will introduce SANUSPRODUCTS to us and explain how they differ from other products that appear similar. In addition, he will not only share valuable nutrition tips from practice, but also how to get SANUSCREDITS and SANUSCOINS when purchasing the products, which again emphasizes the “true” value of the purchase as a whole product.

Alois Stotter

Nutrition expert

Dr. med. univ. Edgar Raschenberger studied medicine and sports in Innsbruck, received his doctorate in 1984 and is now the medical director of the Venesthetic Vein Center Innsbruck and the YONI Academy as well as a salutologist at the ENOH Health Center Innsbruck. In addition, he is also the author of the books “Diät macht dick“ (diet makes you fat) and “Was gesunde Beine brauchen” (what healthy legs need). Since SANUSCOIN mirrors a balanced relationship between wealth and health, his “Health, Money & Environment” topic perfectly fits our program.

Dr. Edgar Raschenberger

Medical specialist, salutologist,

 book author

Christian Lederer is 58 years old, has 3 children and has been a self-employed businessman in the field of real estate and capital investments for over 30 years. He has been a committed enjoyer of the alkaline, antioxidant water since 2017. In 2018, he, too, recognized the potential of SANUSBUSINESS. At the event, he will demonstrate what matters in this business, how sales work at SANUSLIFE and what strategies you need to achieve sustainable and long-term success.

Christian Lederer

Real estate businessman

Dietmar Frey is a ROYAL DIAMOND Member. Bursting with motivation, he has implemented all the necessary networking steps, which also took him to the top of his career. As a former businessman, he knows exactly what it takes in practice to make a shop run, so he will be introducing us to the MAP Partner concept and explains how every entrepreneur can become even more successful with the help of the card as a SANUSCOIN acceptance point.

Dietmar Frey

Ex-Harley-Davidson salesman

Verena Sporer is an employee and mother, but above all she is a prime example of how to become successful despite a tough stroke of fate. At SANUSLIFE, she discovered a chance to make a career and fulfill her personal life. She will share with us how to make it to the top. Her belief: Everyone - and really everyone - has the chance to get started and become successful with SANUSLIFE.

Verena Sporer 
Employee & mother

Ewald Rieder is the visionary and founder of SANUSLIFE INTERNATIONAL, as well as the issuer of the utility token SANUSCOIN.
He will not only elucidate the factor by which credits are converted into coins, but also what benefits these crypto vouchers offer internationally, what role they will play in our lives in the future, and why they have the potential to make the whole world greener and better.

Ewald Rieder

Visionary, founder and

managing director


On 13th of February, 2021 at 2.00 PM Central European Time (CET/MEZ)




German, simultaneous translation in English, Italian and Spanish


Live from Bolzano (Italy)

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