Welcome to the world of SANUSLIFE!

With these 10 short videos, we introduce you to the world of SANUSLIFE in record time. 
We are happy you are part of it!

Welcome to the world of SANUSLIFE!

Thousands of users have already signed up with us. Use our SANUSWORLD too, to meet new people, to find out more about us, and exchange ideas with others – and, of course, to collect SANUSCREDITS

This is Maggy!

Maggy has been an environmental activist with heart and soul since 2013. Her greatest concern is to create a broad, international awareness for the protection of the environment. She is committed to ensuring that donations reach the organizations directly.

Tap water you can drink?

In this video you will learn the difference about normal drinking water and alkaline drinking water. Soon I will also explain you how you can easily and inexpensively treat your own tap water to give it exactly the properties your body needs. I already look forward to presenting our methods to you. 

Maggy. You. Us. That’s what it’s about!

You too can participate! Start with the most important product to transport water easily and environmentally friendly. And besides: with every purchase of a MY WATER BOTTLE 3 euros flow into the SANUSPLANET-Pool.

Bet you... didn't know that?

Right now you already got to know some of our products. By the way... Did you know that there is SANUSCREDITS cashback with every purchase of our products? I will explain how that all works in detail in one of the next videos. 

Water expert Ralph Stetefeldt!

You will, likely, by now know that water does not equal water. Perhaps you also know that your water gets completely new, great properties through the treatment with the right products. Get to know them now!

The bonus turns into... a voucher!

The voucher is SANUSLIFE’s way of saying THANK YOU. Thank you for making the decision to do something for yourself, your family and the environment. What else is behind the SANUSCOIN? I will tell you in the next video.

That’s SANUSCOIN – the green voucher!

If you want to, we will tell you a way how you can even earn something extra with this project. Who knows, maybe even more will develop out of it for you than you might think. But more about that in the next video...

Earn well.
And do something good for the environment.

If you decide to join us, the only thing to lose is a bit of time and a small investment in the PREMIUM upgrade. But what you are left with in any case are new knowledge, great experiences, a very good income potential and a nice helping of SANUSCREDITS.

These are the advantages of being a PREMIUM member!

The goal of the whole SANUSLIFE team is to create something great with you and all your friends. On the one hand we want to offer you an opportunity to fulfill your personal wishes and dreams. And, on the other, to do everything we can to preserve our environment for the following generations.

So, in that spirit - let us begin. Let us change the world together.

Welcome to SANUSLIFE.

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